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1. Appearance and character

2. Family matters

3. Bad habits

4. Health problems. Dieting and health

5. Meals in Russia and Britain

6. Buying food and goods

7. Leisure time

8. Travelling experience

9. Teaching as a profession

10. Home, sweet home

11. Getting a job

12. Bringing up children

13. Art in our life

14. Advantages and disadvantages of TV

15. Man and music

16. Global problems

17.Crime and punishment

18. Geography of the UK: waters, climate, weather, population

19. Symbols and emblems of four nations. Union Flag, Royal Coat of Arms

20. History of Great Britain. Periods, events, personalities

21. Political system of Great Britain

22. British parliament. How a bill becomes a law

23. Education in Britain

24. British national identity: sports, holidays, special traditions

25. British literature: periods, personalities